About Us




Green Street Books is an online bookstore with a highly-rated customer base on multiple domestic and international platforms.


We are very proud to be part of the Bookwitty network.


Our business model is about “making a difference” and “setting an example” in the marketplace by focusing the company’s outreach participation with programs that directly impact and provide benefit to our local communities.


Here’s a snapshot of what we do:


We employ citizens with special needs in our daily operations. This is an integral role and we are grateful for their hard work, honorable dedication, and proven success.
We facilitate and build partnerships with nonprofit and not-for-profit organizations by providing an opportunity to increase their income over 50% versus using traditional funding methods.
We supply free books to children, teens, and young adults in income and/or resource-challenged neighborhoods in the San Francisco Bay Area.
We believe “if we are the catalyst in changing one life, we have achieved our goal.” Although not always viewed as the most popular part of our community work, we built the first library at one of California’s psychiatric units in the state correctional system.


We would like to thank the men and women in the armed forces of the United States of America and their families, for the sacrifices and contributions they have made to protect and serve our country.